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There comes a time in every business when it’s appropriate to create cool business t-shirts. Whether you’re designing custom t-shirts for your staff, coming up with gifts for an event, or selling branded clothing, custom shirts give your company a polished, professional appearance and foster teamwork. And no doubt specially made T-shirts look amazing!

The entire process, from apparel selection to printing your shirt, will be covered in this comprehensive guide to company t-shirt ideas. This information is for everyone.

How To Design A Business T-shirt?

business t shirt design ideas

A business that serves as a creative outlet for you can be started in more ways than ever before. Selling T-shirts with your artwork, writing, or anything else printed on them is a fantastic way to use your creativity while earning money. You can earn a little profit on each T-shirt you sell with t-shirt ideas for business, and over time, this can be a significant source of additional revenue.

With our easy tutorial, you may discover how to launch a business shirts ideas. With just a few simple steps, we’ll help you launch your new side business or full-time professional company t-shirt design.

1: Apparel You Choose For Your Business


As there are a lot of T-shirts in the market, your design needs to be distinctive, memorable, and prompt a second glance. An effective T-shirt design should have just the perfect amount of information and be easily readable or understandable at a glance. The corporate t-shirt ideas should be appealing and entertaining because they will be worn.

Long-sleeve Shirts

The traditional T-shirt can be replaced with a long-sleeved shirt. It’s also rather light, but the wrist-length sleeves give it a somewhat more polished appearance. Also, they are quite comfy and ideal for layering during the cooler months of the year.


A sweatshirt is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for a somewhat more durable yet still comfortable outfit. Since plain t-shirts are frequently covered up by additional layers of clothing in the fall and winter, choosing this choice could increase the visibility of your company. Many unisex alternatives and sweatshirts for both sexes are available in our catalog.


Everyone enjoys a good hoodie, right? With the help of this time-tested classic, look after your employees and customers. Seam Apparel provides a tonne of high-quality alternatives available to you whether you want to design a zip-up hoodie or a pullover.

2: Set Your Budget, Quantity, And Deadline.

business t shirt design ideas

As with other tasks, start your business shirt design process by settling on a few specifics.


The ideal printing technique to use directly depends on the number of shirts you require. Certain techniques are specifically designed to handle huge bulk orders, whilst others have a high cost per unit, limiting them to lesser numbers unless you have a substantial budget.


More than just shirts are possible with a larger budget. It will cost extra to print photographs with more colors and complexity. Do you desire softer shirts or even a V-neck? That funding should be increased. Consider money early so you can strike the ideal balance between all of your creative endeavors.

business t shirt design ideas


Time is needed for design. The same is true for printing, and the turnaround times for each method vary. Make flexible timelines that provide you enough time to work with your printer and build a design.

Once you get these details down, you will be able to choose the best t-shirt printing technique.

3: What Is The Highest Quality T-shirt Printing Method?

business t shirt design ideas

Many aspiring t-shirt manufacturers feel bewildered when sorting through printing techniques. There are numerous approaches to take, and the technical details might be frightening unless you understand what they entail. Here are the four most efficient t-shirt printing techniques, along with the ideal situations for each.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the typical method for t-shirt printing because it is the most cost-effective choice for large orders. Each color in your design is given its screen, which is then printed one on top of the other in this procedure.

Printed on vinyl

Heated transfer techniques include vinyl graphics. Vinyl adds more texture to your t-shirts and is tough, extending the life of the garment and protecting against fading.


DTG printing, one of the most recent methods for printing t-shirts, also uses inkjets but applies the ink directly to the fabric rather than using a paper transfer as a middle step. DTG printing provides the most specifics and color variations of all the possibilities on this list, enabling you to display cotton canvas with quality comparable to the Mona Lisa.

business t shirt design ideas

Methods for Specialized Printing

Unawareness of choices is perhaps the largest mistake made by newbie t-shirt designers. When compared to other mediums, such as specialist inks, t-shirt design offers certain distinct advantages. The use of glitter or holograms is uncommon in Renaissance art.

Do you wish to discover the best t-shirt-making techniques? Request the free ebook on t-shirt design!

  • Palsitol: The most common ink for screen printing.
  • Gel: Its heavy, rubbery material is like vinyl and bursts out of the garment.
  • Foil: For greater visibility, use foil. It is shiny and reflective.
  • Glitter: Stunning accent for added flair.
  • Hologram: A fun design option to distinguish your shirts.
  • Fuzz – A substance with a peach-fuzz-like texture.

Just because you can, don’t feel compelled to use them. The majority of these decisions are only sensible in particular circumstances. But keep in mind that they exist only in case they are the final piece your design is missing.

4. What Is The Best Format For A T-shirt Design?

Whether at work or during team-building exercises, wearing branded gear to work can foster a sense of community. We’ve gathered some quick approaches to make custom designs for your company if you want to make a good impression on clients and business partners.


Designing shirt logos for companies on it is an easy method to gain from branded company shirt ideas. To get started, utilize a free design maker to choose the perfect location for your company logo on a t-shirt.

A large business logo shirt idea will stand out when printed across the chest, but for a more understated appearance, you might put the logo on the sleeve of the shirt. Try experimenting to determine what best represents your company and what your staff and consumers might identify with. 

  • Logo Placement: 

Company shirt designs that order polo shirts or work shirts for their staff sometimes opt for this t-shirt design placement guide. An embroidered logo on the left chest side or pocket is quite noticeable and will help your business get the most exposure possible.

If your logo doesn’t already have it, you can also incorporate your company t-shirt design ideas. Just be careful to consider proportions and make sure the name follows the brand’s guidelines. You can choose a left chest and entire back print combo if you’re not trying to keep your finished design incredibly simple.

  • Logo size:

The logo should be between 10 and 14 inches broad and between 6 and 15 inches tall. Due to how easy it is for observers to see or study the emblem, this area of the shirt serves as an accessory-enhanced billboard for your company. Sleeves: When a logo is worn on a sleeve, it should occupy the entire bottom of one arm.

  • Logo Color:

The most effective design element for expressing personality is logo color. Designers have a variety of possibilities for conveying the proper messages thanks to the subtle differences in emotional connotation between each color’s various shades, hues, and tints. But, choosing colors that complement one another as well as those that are appropriate for your brand is equally important.

business t shirt design ideas

In addition to selecting the logo colors for the shirt image, you need to consider how those colors contrast with the actual color of the shirt design for business. Printing colors can be a little challenging due to the way t-shirt inks function. It will be the cheapest to approximate the colors when printing your design. However, keep in mind that the “aquamarine” on your computer may not match the “aquamarine” on your printer.

Vision Statement or Tagline

How about printing your company’s principles or mission on a t-shirt to enhance staff motivation and camaraderie?

Slogans are excellent brand reminders, and personalized t-shirts make terrific gifts to mark significant occasions. Check out business shirt examples just like Apple-inspired t-shirts with a motivational message to be original and creatively think beyond the box.

Typography On Shirts

Colors, fonts, styles, and text sizes all affect how people view your brand. Your brand will appear more official or traditional if you use serif fonts (letters with little tags on the ends). Fonts without tags and sans-serif style have a more contemporary appearance.

business t shirt design ideas

Keep readability in mind while designing t-shirt typography. Choosing a complex font may make the shirt look more beautiful, but if the words are difficult to read, the benefit isn’t worth the cost. But keep in mind that readability should come first and aesthetics should come second if you want people to be able to read the words on your shirts in only a few seconds.

Image on Shirt 

Words alone cannot convey everything that a strong visual can. Images make more sense with shirts than text frequently does. Most of the time, people have only a few seconds to glance at the clothing of others, which may not be long enough to read the message. So, where can I find photographs and what can I utilize them for?

Unless you know a few strategies, it might be difficult to find the correct artwork for the t-shirts that you produce. To set your company apart from the competition, you’ll always need a steady stream of excellent artwork, regardless of whether you use a DTG (Direct Garment Printer) or some other method to print t-shirts. 

  • Depositphotos
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  • Vector Stock for DTG
  • Stock photo
  • Clker

How Can I Come Up With Original T-shirt Design Concepts?


When choosing a business t-shirt design idea, consider the occasion when you’d like to wear it or the type of design that would appeal to potential customers. Finally, do some study on design concepts and current trends to spark your imagination.

You may quickly find the ideal fit by following the three easy steps shown below.

  1. Identify Your Niche

If you’re constructing business t-shirt ideas for yourself or others, consider that before you start designing. Consider your target market and your niche if it’s the latter. Your target audience should find your designs appealing.

Consider your areas of expertise if you’re having problems identifying a niche. Your niche market can be based on your interests, events, activities, hobbies, or anything else that has the potential to fascinate a group of people.

  1. Research Different T-shirt Designs

It’s time to start designing your custom t-shirt designs now that you have a direction and some ideas. To start, consider what is currently popular in the design industry. This is easier said than done. Your store should be up-to-date and new. Second, go over the list of suggestions above and decide which ones encourage creativity and the desire to begin designing.

  1. Use The Tools Available Online

You already know how to make your t-shirt designs for business if you’re an expert designer. Start utilizing Photoshop or one of these Photoshop substitutes. Executing your ideas, though, can be difficult if you’re not yet an experienced designer. Fortunately, you can get a lot of assistance online.


How Lucrative Is T-shirt Design?

The ever-expanding global market makes selling T-shirts online one of the most lucrative business ideas. A single T-shirt shop can serve a variety of demographics, making the industry flexible.

Which Shirt Color Is The Most Popular?

In the industry, black and white are the most favored and sought-after hues. With these two colors, you may always be the safest version of yourself while still being stylish. Using t-shirt printing and embroidery, you can create any desired designs on the black canvas of these colors.

How Can I Apply To Print A Logo On A Shirt?

A specialty paper called transfer paper can be used to print your logo on. As the magic of printing occurs on paper, any regular inkjet printer can be used for this. You just need to iron your brand onto the fabric after having your logo printed on transfer paper.

Final Words

A business t-shirt design might not be as ground-breaking as a trending Twitter account, but the idea is the same: little bits of exposure mount up over time. T-shirts are a great method to promote your business because they can be customized and made to fit your style.