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To put it bluntly, cold-season fashion is the greatest. It has shoes on. Jackets are present. Sheers are present. Sweaters! You can be confident that sweaters are the best thing about the winter if the absence of sweaters is the worst part of dressing in the summer. There is no situation a sweater can’t get along just fantastic in, from work to going out to just staying home on a Saturday during a snowfall.

Sweaters play an important role in culture as well as fashion. About knitwear, songs have been written. Warm, soft, and recognizable, they are. You probably have a large collection of sweaters and have worn countless numbers of them throughout your life. Most of the sweaters on this list, though, are presumably ones you haven’t worn.

The best aspect is that there is a sweater style for every occasion. You have your pullovers with apres-ski prints, your oversized crewnecks, and your V-necks that are suited for the office. Having a wide selection of sweaters in your closet will improve both your life and it. All winter long, they’ll keep your look sharp and your body cozy. The 41 types of sweaters and their names listed below are essential for anyone.

Types Of Sweaters

About Sweater

A sweater is an article of clothing worn on the upper body that is composed of knitted materials. The majority of the world’s nations refer to this clothing item as a sweater, while the UK, Australia, and a few other nations also call it a jumper.

The pullover, a comfortable, casual sweater with ribbing at the collar, hem, and cuffs, is the typical sweater design that most people are familiar with. When you want to feel warm and comfortable, a pullover is an ideal option because you can buy one practically everywhere or make one yourself in under two hours!

What Type Of Fabric Is Used To Make Sweaters?

While different sweater styles employ a variety of fabrics, it is always preferable to choose those made of natural fibers over those made of synthetic ones because they feel better, look better, and last longer. Here is a list of the many materials that are most frequently used to create sweaters for both men and women.


The fabric most frequently used to make sweaters are wool, specifically sheep wool. The softness and warmth of the sweater are directly impacted by the wool’s different grades.


One of the fanciest sweater materials isn’t made from sheep. Cashmere originates from a goat instead. The velvety undercoat of cashmere goats is used to make it. In the realm of sweater knitting, it is a pricey material. Particularly soft, light, and warm is cashmere.


Cotton is the next most popular fabric type of sweater after wool for making sweaters. Cotton is resilient and cool, despite being soft and light. Cotton sweaters are ideal to wear when the nights start to grow chilly in spring or summer because of their lightweight qualities.


Rare are sweaters made entirely of silk. Adding silk to the yarn of the sweater instead increases insulation. Silk is resilient but soft, and it keeps heat in (hence the insulation).


With a far cheaper price tag than wool, acrylic is a synthetic or man-made fiber that mimics many of its desirable characteristics. In addition, it is soft and lightweight, keeping one warm during the cooler months. Acrylic is a common fiber for faux-fur vests since it can be produced to mimic fur as well.

Specialized Fibers

The use of specialized fibers like alpaca or angora in some sweater designs is also possible. These two fibers are both natural, derived from animals, and have many characteristics with wool.

Blended Fibers

The practice of creating sweaters from two different fabric blends, such as wool and cotton, which give the wearer the best qualities of both materials, is prevalent in the world of fashion.

Different Types Of Sweaters

Types Of Sweaters

You’ll leave this page knowing everything there is to know about the various varieties of sweaters, whether you came here looking for sweaters for men or women. Let’s get started!

Aran or Fisherman’s Sweater

Fisherman's Sweater

The Aran sweater, which originates from the Aran Islands off of Ireland, is also referred to as a fisherman’s sweater. The thick, textured sweater was made to be worn outside and comes in several hues, including browns, tans, greens, and other earth tones to complement the harsh climate for which they were made.

Thicker than other sweater varieties, fishermen’s sweaters offer a tonne of warmth while still allowing for easy movement when fishing or performing hard labor on the water.

Aran sweaters made by hand are frequently heavy and thick in texture; however, machine-made equivalents are also possible, but they normally have a thinner texture. They are typically created from wool yarn since it is sturdy for outdoor use.

Argyle Knit 

types of sweater


An argyle knit sweater can be identified by the interlocking diamond pattern on its surface. On the golf course, it’s a popular preppy, fashionable style.

The Clan Campbell tartan from the Western Scottish district of Agryll is the inspiration for the argyle knit pattern. In Scotland, all kinds of clothing have featured the invention since the 1600s.

In addition, the Duke of Windsor, a well-known figure in the era’s fashion world, donned the style. As a result of his use of it on the golf field, argyle became popular.

Athletic Sweater

types of sweater

A running sweater sometimes referred to as a fitness sweater, may frequently contain mesh panels in the front so you can breathe while working out!

Bell Sleeve

types of sweaters

The bell sleeve sweater was influenced by an old fashion style. Sleeves with flares first appeared in Japan in the late 700s. Additionally, bell sleeve trends spread throughout Europe during the Medieval Era.

In addition, the flared sleeve trend has made a comeback in recent decades and hasn’t entirely disappeared from the world of fashion. One of the many various sweater styles is this one.

Boyfriend Sweater

types of sweaters

The boyfriend sweater, however, is intended for different types of sweaters for ladies and is designed to resemble a man’s sweater. As a result, it is referred to as a boyfriend sweater.

This sweater’s V-neck is meant to be loose-fitting and spacious. Just below the waist, the bottom is ribbed. The concave shape of this fashion also gives it the nickname “big sweater.”

Cape Sweater

types of sweaters

Even though cape sweaters are ponchos designed to look like classic capes, vintage outerwear is occasionally still worn. Cape sweaters are very popular right now.

They are also appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Cape sweaters are one of the sorts of sweaters that can only be worn as a layer and not by themselves, in contrast to many other different types of sweaters.


types of sweaters

Cardigans are excellent whether you want something a little less bulky or simply need an extra layer of warmth during the colder months. Generally cold but not freezing weather are also ideal for them.

Cardigans come in a variety of lengths and designs, too, such as the traditional Canadian tuxedo (with knitted layers on both layers) and an open-knit design that is simple to wear when the weather is chilly and you’re just heading outside.

In addition, cardigans are ideal for layering under blazers and coats for a relaxed look when worn with jeans or skirts.

Cables Knit Sweater

types of sweaters

By carefully altering the order of the stitches, you can knit an interlocking or braided pattern by using the cable-knitting technique. Intricate cable patterns on cable-knit sweaters cause the fabric to be even thicker, which increases the sweater’s structure and warmth.


types of sweaters

A very delicate fabric called cashmere wool is created from the hair of particular goat breeds. More so than sweaters made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or wool, cashmere sweaters are knit very precisely to produce thin, lightweight garments that are incredibly soft to the touch. Their necklines and fits might vary greatly, but they typically have a more fitting appearance. 

Cashmere wool, which is opulent and naturally soft and itchy, is frequently used to make cashmere sweaters. Because they are softly brushed before being hand-knit for added coziness, cashmere sweaters are frequently softer than other sweater types’ names.

These sweaters are often more expensive than other types of sweaters due to the excellent grade of cashmere.

Chunky Sweater

types of sweaters

Who doesn’t enjoy a big, bulky sweater? This different style of sweater, which is thicker and heavier than a cardigan or pullover, is ideal for cold weather.

By knitting the fabric with a chunky yarn and larger needles, chunky sweaters can be made. A straightforward garter stitch or a stitch pattern with greater texture can be used to knit them.

Even while ladies don’t look their best wearing thick sweaters, they do have a fantastic “cozy factor” going for them.

Crew-Neck Sweater

types of sweaters

The crew neck sweater, also known as a crew neck sweater, has a short, circular ribbed collar that sits exactly at the base of the neck. The crew neck sweater is the best sweater ever. This timeless look can be paired with anything and is ideal for lazy days because it’s relaxed, easy to wear, and comfortable.

Most frequently fashioned from wool or cotton, crew neck sweaters have a rounded neckline. They go with anything, from jeans to pencil skirts to dresses, and can be worn for any occasion throughout the year! You’ll never have an excuse not to wear one because of how flexible they are!

Cutout Sweater

types of sweaters

Cutout sweaters, also called cut-out sweaters, have a modern and sexual appeal. Cutout sweaters can also be distinguished by what is missing from the pattern.

In some places, the wearer’s skin can be seen when wearing a cutout sweater. Alternatives to the sweater include cutaway sleeves, cutout shoulders, and a skillfully designed section of the chest or back.

Additionally, cutouts can be found in practically any place to create this look, which teases with a tiny bit more skin. Although this design appears to be current and fashionable at the moment, it has been used for more than 50 years. One of the various sweater varieties is this one.

Cowl-Neck Sweater

types of sweaters

The cowl neck sweater is a design with a drooping neck. Although they are different, they are frequently mistaken for turtlenecks. Larger and flowing beneath the neck, cowl necks are more fashionable. The cowls range in size from little to big, but they’re always draped.

Fanny Sweaters

Types Of Sweaters

Because it can be made in several ways, the fanny sweater isn’t necessarily recognized in the fashion world as a certain style. The long sweater that finishes below the hips and covers the back is what distinguishes a fanny sweater from other styles. If they include this feature, several distinct sweater types can be categorized as fanny sweaters.

Fair Isle Sweater

The Shetland Islands are known for developing the in-the-round knitting technique known as Fair Isle, which uses five colors in various rows to produce a colorful design. These days, a lot of sweaters are marketed as “Fair Isle” sweaters, a catchall term for any elaborate, vividly patterned sweater, particularly one with a bib-like pattern region on the shoulders and chest, with the sleeves and lower half being a single color.

Funnel Neck Sweater

types of sweaters

A funnel neck turns into a turtle neck when? when, in my perspective, it is huge as the preceding example! I couldn’t wear this funnel neck sweater since it would feel too hot and itchy around my neck whether it was made of natural or synthetic fibers because of the chunky ribbed collar.

For those who prefer to wear a sweater during the fall without a jacket, these big-neck sweaters are perfect. You can easily slip one over a top or tee and match it with a pair of slim jeans or pants.

Full-Zip Sweater

types of sweaters

Any sweater featuring a cardigan-style full-frontal opening with a zipper closure is referred to as a full-zip. There are different kinds of sweaters styles available. Without fail, it has a full frontal zipper. None of those with partial button closures fall within this category.

Hoody Sweater

types of sweaters

A hoody is a style of sweater that frequently features a full-front zip. Depending on the style, hoodies may also have drawstrings and pockets. There are many different types of hoodie material, ranging from simple cotton to opulent cashmere or angora wool!


types of sweaters

Jumpers are the most informal sort of sweater and are available in both long and short-sleeved versions. These sweaters’ main feature is that you may wear them to work or any other event where you require something less formal.

The nicest sweaters are those that are handmade, and let’s not even talk about the variety of Christmas sweaters!

Mock Turtleneck

types of sweaters

Although the mock turtleneck is a variant of the traditional turtleneck, it now has a unique look. A snug collar that covers approximately an inch of the neck on sweaters and other types of clothing is called a mock turtleneck, sometimes known as a mock neck.

Mock neck sweaters resemble turtleneck sweaters in appearance, with the exception that the neck isn’t as tight or wide as a conventional turtleneck.

Mock turtleneck sweaters are for you if you like the turtleneck look but dislike how the collar feels around your neck. A variety of materials and hues are available for mock necks.

Off-The-Shoulder Sweater

types of sweaters

Off-the-shoulder sweaters, sometimes known as off-the-shoulder, were popular in the 1980s. Any period movie or television program will have someone with bare shoulders wearing a tight sweater.

History demonstrates that shoulders will continue to be crucial to women’s fashion, and this design trend has only recently returned.

According to designers, off-the-shoulder sweaters are still in style now. The 1980s vintage look may be quite attractive when executed well. So go ahead and play around with this style as shoulders in women’s fashion are empowering.

Open Knit

types of sweaters

A production method rather than a typical sweater design is the open-knit sweater. In different types of knit sweaters designs, the yarn of this type is braided loosely as opposed to tightly.

Because of this, the fabric has small holes left in it. You can see through this kind of sweater since these holes can occasionally be translucent.

Additionally, the style of open-knit designs and how to lose the weave are varied. Additionally, any sweater can be made using a weave pattern that is already accessible.

They are not intended to provide a lot of additional warmth, but they are fantastic and lightweight designs. Skip this one as well; if you’re looking for a warm sweater, open-knit sweaters are all about fashion.

Oversized Sweater

types of sweaters

We can all see why oversized sweaters have been so popular over the years; they’re the ideal way to stay warm on chilly days or with your favorite pair of jeans.

During the fall and winter, I frequently wear an enormous sweater when going out for coffee since it keeps the chill at bay and makes me feel like winter is still a ways off.

Pull-Over Sweater

types of sweaters

All types of sweaters you can layer over shirts, tops, and blouses to stay warm, this one has a rib-knit crewneck, cuffs, and hem. The term “jumper” is also used in the UK to describe a pullover sweater.

Additionally, pullovers can be found in a wide range of lengths, designs, and colors, from large to tailored, and they can have collars that resemble turtlenecks (more on turtlenecks below!). or an open neckline, in lengths ranging from long to cropped, just covering the bottoms of your pants!

If you want a more casual style, you can also pair these types of sweaters with jeans or a skirt.


types of sweaters

Since ponchos don’t have sleeves to protect your arms, they aren’t exactly a form of sweater. However, they are frequent types of knitted sweaters and can be worn as a coat or a jacket, making them ideal for chilly days.

Ponchos come in a variety of lengths, but they all often have an open front that makes it simple to slip on while wearing another item, like a dress.

Quarter-Zip Sweater

types of sweaters

Similar to mock necks, quarter zip sweaters have a zipper at the collar in place of buttons. The same rules apply: You can wear these to business casual, smart casual, or informal environments with ease.

Raglan sleeve  

types of sweaters

The construction of a raglan sweater, also known as a type of sweater with raglan sleeves, sets it apart from other varieties of sweaters. Raglan sweaters do not have shoulder seams either.

The shoulder seam, on the other hand, runs across the chest’s front. In addition, the sleeves are attached to the sweater at the neck, creating a single continuous seam that extends the entire length of the arm.

This shape is also cozy and has a nice, loose body droop. Because they provide a loose, almost seamless fit, raglan sleeve shapes are popular on cropped sweaters.

Ribbed Sweater

types of sweaters

As the name suggests, ribbed sweaters have a “ribbed” appearance like corduroy. Additionally, a variety of colors and thicknesses are offered for these sweaters.

While not as heavy as a standard sweater, ribbed sweaters contain a lot of texture. Despite being a light sweater, it may be worn when it’s cold outside with a blazer.

As the name implies, ribbed sweaters also look “ribbed,” much like corduroy. There are many different colors and thicknesses of these sweaters.

While not as heavy as a standard sweater, ribbed sweaters contain a lot of texture. Despite being a light sweater, it may be worn when it’s cold outside with a blazer.

Roll-Neck Sweater

types of sweaters

Two distinct collar styles might be referred to as rollnecks. The only different sweater type of turtleneck that traditionally folds in on itself is the roll neck. The other form appears frequently on Irish fisherman-style sweaters and resembles a long crewneck that has been rolled back on itself.

These are a clever layering choice for over-plaid shirts, and like turtlenecks, they look excellent when worn with a jacket or coat. These sweaters are chic layering choices for the fall and winter when worn with tailored pants for the office or cozy jeans at home.

Scoop Neck Sweater

types of sweaters

A wide, rounded neck characterizes scoop neck sweaters, sometimes referred to as scooped neck sweaters. Also visible in this style are the entire channel and a portion of the collarbone.

Although they can be produced in a variety of other fashions, cardigans and cropped versions of scoop neck sweaters are the two most popular types.

Scooped necklines, however, are a stylish choice from different types of women’s sweaters clothing. Additionally, wear a scoop-neck sweater with a collared shirt to highlight your stunning blouse rather than your neck.

Shawl Neck

types of sweaters

The shawl neck sweater, also known as the shawl collar sweater, has been sported by Hollywood’s well-dressed prominent stars. It has been worn by Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig, which is a good endorsement.

Because the tops of the sweaters resemble shawls, shawl collar trends are so named. To keep you warm and comfortable, extra fabric is sewn around the neck region.

Shawl collars are appropriate for both casual and formal attire and can take the place of numerous hoodies. They are additionally worn by both men and women, demonstrating that they are fashionable sweaters in addition to being gorgeous. One of the various sweater varieties is this one.

Snug Sweater

types of sweaters

A sweater that is cut to be more form-fitting than large is said to be fitted. Fitted sweaters can be constructed with bulky wide-knit material as well as the fine-knit fabric that is frequently used to make cardigan-like garments.

Sweater Vest

types of sweaters

Sweater vests are sleeveless garments worn over shirts. They may be dressed up with a suit or down with jeans for a more casual look. They are available in round or V-neck shapes. A variety of dress shirts go well with sweater vests.

The sweater vest is a must-have piece of attire. Many presidents and first ladies, A-list celebrities, and fashion icons have all donned this sleeveless sweater.

Fashionable, preppy, chic, and formal sweater vests are all possible. A glamour model or a professor at a university both have amazing looks. The nice part is that sweater vests are always in style.

Synthetic Sweater

types of sweaters

The term “synthetic sweaters” refers to garments composed of synthetic materials like polyester, acrylic, or viscose. Comparing synthetic sweaters to those made of cotton, cashmere, and wool, they tend to be the least breathable yet are frequently more affordable. Wool and cotton can both be softer than synthetic sweaters, but they can’t quite match the softness of cashmere sweaters.

Sweater Dress

types of sweaters

When it comes to combining two different forms of clothes into one outfit, sweater dresses are ideal.

A sweater dress is a cozier and funnier dress type in addition to being long enough to cover your bum in the colder months (that alone is a win for me!).

Tennis Sweater

types of sweaters

A timeless fashion is tennis sweaters. It is also a unique piece of clothing. Tennis sweaters come in white, off-white, ivory, or cream. The V-necked garment is made of cable knit fabric.

To be considered a true tennis sweater, it must have vibrant bands along the neckline. On the sleeves and waist, there may occasionally be additional color bands. On the other side, you can omit this part.


types of sweaters

Two separate sweaters of two different styles make up a twinset. This has a pullover underneath the cardigan. The same material, color scheme, and pattern are used in the construction of both. For this reason, this outfit is referred to as a twinset.

Tunic Sweater

types of sweaters

Despite the difficulty in defining different types of jumpers, the tunic-style sweater merits a separate category. It’s important to differentiate between tunics because they exist in a variety of fabrics that aren’t all considered sweaters. A style known as the tunic is a shirt-like garment with a distinctive form. Less fitted and placed lower on the body, tunics flare out at the hem. The majority of tunics are pullovers that are warmer than a regular sweater thanks to the warm knit or woven fabric they are constructed of. Stretch or yoga pants are frequently paired with them.

V-Neck Sweater

types of sweaters

Any sweater having a neckline cut into the shape of a V is a V-neck sweater; while this can be a deep V that extends down the wearer’s chest, it is typically a shallow V that only dips an inch or two below a crew neck. Any variety of knitting patterns fits, or materials can be used to create V-neck sweaters.

Wool Sweater

types of sweaters

Because it is cozy and breathable, wool is the most common material for sweaters. From common to Merino wool, there are many distinct kinds of wool (a softer and more expensive variety). In comparison to cotton, synthetic fabrics, or cashmere, ordinary wool occasionally feels scratchy. Wool sweaters come in a variety of necklines, knit patterns, and sizes and are often priced similarly to cotton sweaters.

Woolly Pulley

types of sweaters

A common military outfit is a woolly pullover, also referred to as the commando sweater. During WWII, it was created especially for British SAS agents.

The sweater spread swiftly to other members of the military and eventually to the broader public. The woolly pully can be identified by its leather elbow and shoulder patches.

The usual features of a wool pullover are a crew neck collar and ribbed cuffs. This sweater is made to flow smoothly and straight below the waist without cinching. Depending on how you wear it, it may either be a serious or cute sweater.

Care For A Sweater:

Types Of Sweaters

Sweaters won’t require much cleaning if you get high-quality ones and rotate them appropriately. Most sweaters that don’t have stains could benefit from washing at the start and end of the season. Alternatively, immediately before and after they are put back into storage.

The care tag’s directions are to be followed, which is the best guidance. Only dry clean if the label specifies this. It’s advised to wash your sweater by hand if the label indicates “do not dry clean.” Your cashmere items will probably be this.

Using cold water when washing by hand is advised. To soak the garment, add enough cold water to a tidy sink or bathtub. Either a capful of dish soap or a sensitive detergent like Woolite would do. If you don’t think the stench has been removed, soak the item for around 30 minutes.

Squeeze the garment while giving it a gentle cold water rinse; DO NOT RING IT. Twisting the item will damage the fibers, changing the sweater forever. Instead, carefully press out the water and soap and mold it back into its original shape. Place it flat on a dry towel, then pat it dry with a different one. The drying process should then be left in the air.

The fibers won’t pill, shrink, or be destroyed by doing this rather than simply throwing them in the washer and dryer.

Types Of Sweaters


What Is The Name Of Thick Sweaters?

An outer layer is generally worn over a sweatshirt, which is a garment constructed of thick, soft fabric. Compared to other types of sweaters, sweatshirts frequently have a sporty aesthetic and may fit more closely.

Do you put On A Shirt Underneath Your Sweatshirt?

Even washable cotton should be worn with a tee underneath to reduce the frequency of washing. Your sweater and perspiration cannot be separated without an undershirt. That’s a problem since you sweat the most in such places, like your underarms.

Why Are Sweaters And Sweatshirts Different?

The purpose of a sweatshirt is to both offer warmth and absorb sweat, as opposed to a sweater’s purpose is to merely keep you warm. In contrast to sweatshirts, sweaters are often knit or crocheted.

Final Words

This article should be useful to you as you shop for and take care of sweaters, It is also helpful if you are starting as a clothing manufacturer for a small business. You can choose a sweater that suits your style and budget thanks to the wide variety of options available.