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Are you unsure about what to wear or which swimsuit to bring to your upcoming pool or beach outing? Well-fitting types of swimsuits for women who tend to rely on classic pieces from their wardrobe are a summertime essential. A classic swimsuit style is unbeatable, though there is a place and time for the striking ruffled bikini and the skin-baring, strappy one-piece.

The best approach to making sure you always have a go-to swimsuit for any occasion, be it a summer beach day or a tropical getaway in the dead of winter, is to invest in classic cuts, prints, and color palettes.

Look at these timeless options if you’re planning how to start a swimsuit line for the summer or your upcoming beach vacation. For consumers of all ages, Seams Apparel, a manufacturer of swimwear, is the perfect choice. Check out the types of swimsuits below that are always in style for ladies!

What are the Names of the Swimsuits?

Swimsuits are leisure wear that comes in a wide variety of styles and is composed of materials that dry quickly and breathe easily. Different types of bathing suits are common at beaches and pools and are meant to be worn while swimming or engaging in other water-related activities.

One-piece and two-piece swimsuits, commonly referred to as bikinis, are the two main types of swimwear. There are different types of beachwear within these two main categories to suit every body type and sense of style.

One-Piece Swimsuits

The reason one-pieces have been so popular again recently is because they can create such amazing silhouettes. These kinds of swimwear are also well-liked because they offer versatility in terms of coverage and support and fit a variety of body shapes.



An all-black, vintage-inspired one-piece bathing suit is the height of elegance. Imagine yourself wearing a black one-piece while on vacation, enjoying wine, and sunning yourself by the sea.

There are so many various styles and fits to pick from that you are sure to find a black one-piece that will accentuate your figure. Simple and elegant are one-pieces without straps, but much better are ones with detachable or adjustable straps. This way, you get one bathing suit that fits two different styles!

It’s important to have at least one all-black one-piece swimsuit in your collection, no matter how many types of bathing suit names you have in your closet or how many different styles and hues you cherish. You won’t believe how regal you feel in your black suit.

The stylish Seams One Piece bikini offers support, a stylish keyhole detail, and a softly plunging neckline. Made of opulent Italian fabric and exquisitely finished with gold strap adjusters, this swimsuit can be tailored to fit your body type. It is perfect for your next trip to the tropics.



Another extremely elegant and classic choice that will never go out of style is the one-piece swimsuit with a V-neck. Though it may not offer as much coverage as a one-piece or tankini, a bikini set is still a great option for swimming wear. But it still offers sufficient support, particularly for women who frequently swim laps in the pool or participate in water aerobics.

If you’re a no-frills kind of woman, this straightforward, solid-colored halter-top bikini is a great option. Its simplicity and chic design make this halter-top bikini suitable for any activity, including intense swimming routines or tanning.

The Halter is a stylish and supportive bikini top with molded cups and exquisite pleated fabric. This resort vacation can be tailored to your exact specifications because of the tie-neck and back!

For fashionistas or those who want more support, the Marilyn high-waisted pants are the ideal option. The Seams bottom, matched with the top, is one of our most sophisticated bikinis. It features a beautiful pleating detail on the sides and is made of opulent fabric.



If you want a little bit more coverage than what a standard triangle bikini offers, our high-neck bikini is a great choice. The tops of these bikinis are usually bandeau-style, with higher necklines that cover and encircle the collarbone. This helps to protect your shoulders and back from sunburn while also giving your bust additional support.

Furthermore, the higher neckline may contribute to the appearance of a smaller upper body. Additionally, choosing a style with ruffles or other embellishments around the neckline can help detract from your stomach.



Do you want to up your swimsuit game a notch? You need look no further than our selection of one-piece swimsuits with cutouts that accentuate your features. A monokini is a one-piece swimsuit with clever midsection cutouts that create the appearance of a two-piece. While still exposing some skin, it usually provides a little bit more coverage than a two-piece swimsuit.

Dive into our selection of monokini styles, which includes our eye-catching glitter cut-out bathing suit and side cut-out swimsuit. Alternatively, strike a middle ground in one of our utterly stylish monokinis—the ideal pool party essential that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Choose a timeless black cut-out bathing suit that you can wear year-round to keep it stylish. Alternately, take advantage of the trend by wearing our selection of cut-out one-piece bathing suits in the newest patterns and color schemes for this season.

For head-turning glam, wear a floor-skimming chiffon kimono over a cut-out bikini and add some layered necklaces. Every style in between, including the classic cut-out swimsuit and bikini top, is in style. This summer, everyone will be staring at you, no matter which of our cut-out pieces you choose.

Two-Piece Swimwear

Fashionable and comfortable, bikinis are a classic swimwear design that flatters all body shapes. There’s nothing wrong with that, and they also minimize tan lines. The top and bottom can be mixed and matched.



The string bikini is a good option if your goal is to expose as much skin as possible. The pieces of this style of swimsuit are held together and tied with string, covering the bottom and breasts.

The endlessly fashionable multi-string bikini allows you to be creative with your swimwear. Numerous straps or strings that cross over the hips, torso, and stomach are part of this unusual design. At the beach or pool, the outcome is a flirtatious and fun swimsuit that is sure to turn heads.

Naturally, different effects can come up depending on where the strings are placed. For example, the straps can help create the illusion of a smaller waist if they are placed horizontally across the stomach. Conversely, vertical lines that descend the sides of your body can give the impression that your legs are longer and thinner.

Choose a style with strings that tie at the neck or wrap around the back if you want to add a little more coverage. Additionally, some designs have built-in bras for extra support, which is perfect if your chest is larger.



Tankinis appear to be one piece, but because they have separate tops and bottoms, they are classified as two pieces. The lower half is a standard bikini-style brief, while the upper part is more or less a tank top.

The tankini with shorts look is ideal for certain people! Tankinis, which are a top and pant set, still provide complete body coverage, but two pieces are typically sporty bikinis that show off your midriff with a crop top and pant set. Two pieces and tankinis are adaptable since they can be worn on the beach or in a swimming pool with ease.

As we’ve seen, there are many different types of swimsuits, and all of them—aside from the racing variety—can be worn for any kind of swimming or water sport. It is up to the individual, so hopefully, our guide has helped you choose the ideal swimsuit style.



When it comes to types of women’s bathing suits, seams apparel bikinis are essentially the norm. Their design is basic, consisting of two triangle-shaped cups joined by a band or string. Furthermore, even though this seems like a fairly simple style, there are a lot of different trikini options.

For example, bandeau-style tops are found on some trikinis, while cups on others tie at the neck. For extra support, some versions have push-up bras or integrated padding. Not to mention that there are thousands upon thousands of variations in prints, patterns, and hues.



The bandeau is a style of strapless bathing suit that is popular and covers the bust with fabric. It’s time to get a bandeau bathing suit if you don’t already have one!

In addition to being ideal for lazy days spent sunbathing, this bandeau provides adequate support for physical activity. These sophisticated suits are incredibly flattering and accentuate your bust, giving you the confidence you need to up your summer style. For ladies who wish to make a statement with their own distinctive, fashionable style, the bandeau bathing suit is perfect.

This elegant swimwear set is perfect for relaxing by the pool. This bathing suit is unquestionably a wardrobe essential that will never go out of style.

How do I Choose a Swimsuit for My Body Type?

Choosing the ideal swimsuit is challenging because there are so many options available. You might end up picking the incorrect swimsuit because it makes you nervous. Here are a few straightforward suggestions to help you with it: To obtain the ideal swimsuits for different body types, you can follow them.


Look at Your Body Type

Each person’s body is special and attractive in its own right. Your body type plays a big part in how you present yourself and how you dress. When choosing any kind of dress, you have to take it into account. It covers swimwear, formal and informal attire, and casual wear. Your comfort is guaranteed.

Let’s determine which of the following five body types for choosing bathing suits best describes you:

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Athletic
  • Hourglass
  • Rectangle

Remember that your body shape is independent of your weight; you can have an hourglass, pear, or athletic body shape at any weight. Pick the suit that makes you feel your best, whether you’re looking for elegant or basic options. You can wear whatever you want to wear, regardless of your body type. All that matters is that it’s a good fit for you. Comfort should come first on your list of priorities, then style. If not, a dress that is too tight or too loose may cause you to feel self-conscious.

The Fabric’s Quality

Purchasing a high-quality and ideal swimsuit according to body type is an investment. Despite their apparent high cost, they may prove to be long-lasting. The swimsuit fabric’s quality also affects ease of use and comfort. Quality needs to be your top priority if you want to enjoy swimming without any problems. Generally speaking, lycra, nylon, polyester, and cotton improve the quality of swimwear.

Color and Design

Selecting the appropriate color and style is just as crucial as other elements. Depending on your taste, you can select colors that are decent or vivid. You can also choose between printed and plain. Choose a look that flatters your body type and promotes comfort and relaxation. Don’t sacrifice your comfort and confidence for the sake of blindly following a trend.

Chlorine Resistance

Make sure your swimsuit can withstand chlorine if you intend to wear it for swimming. It will prolong the appearance of a brand-new suit. The chlorine content of pool water is high, which can fade color. The life of the fabric might also be impacted.

Sun Regulation

For improved sun protection, several brands focus on making modest swimsuits with higher SPF. Check it out before you buy it, please. You might not realize how much damage harmful sun rays can do to your skin.

What are Professional Swimsuits Called?


Professional swimsuits and competition have their uses. They have unique paneling for the most efficient swim, and they are lightweight, skin-tight, and thin. To help you swim the fastest time possible, they compress your body into the best hydrodynamic shape.

When it comes to professional swimming brands, we believe that Engine, Jolyn, Funkita, Funky Trunks, Tyr, Finis, Arena, and Speedo are still at the top of the market.


You can find a swimsuit that’s perfect for you because there are so many different bathing suit styles available! Choosing the correct style can be extremely difficult when shopping for a swimsuit. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you.

Leading international brand Seams Apparel is perfect for the different types of women’s bathing suits. Our products are made to last, combining style and quality to give you the comfort and sun protection you need to look amazing this summer. You can determine which style best fits your body type with a little time, patience, and perhaps some expert advice. Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in finding the perfect types of women’s bathing suits.